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       Picture of 2012 Spring Show Pigs

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Litter 1   Spot     Transformer X Chaos    1/10/12    Full Sibs to Fort Worth Champion Black OPB

                                                                                          Dam is the Rs. Supreme Breeding Gilt @

                                                                                          State Fair of Texas in 2010

Litter 2   Cross   Double Ott  X  Full Contact  1/13/12  Dam of Smoke our Price is Right Son

Litter 3    Spot     Razzmatazz  X Chaos      1/13/12   Dam is full Sib to Rs Supreme Gilt @ State Fair

                                                                                               Texas in 2010

Litter 4    Cross   Smoke  X  Got Milk           1/15/12  Dam littermate to Grand Gilt @ Grant County and

                                                                                            Rs. Grand Mkt Hog @ SWKC

Litter 5    Cross   Flash Drive X Corna         1/22/12  Sire was Grand Cross Boar @ SWTC,

                                                                                            Dam was Grand Mkt Hog @ Hamilton Co. and

                                                                                            3rd Overall @ SWKC in 2010

Litter 6     Chester  Stellar X Forgiven           1/27/12  Dam Breed Champion @ Grant Co.

Litter 7     Chester X   Forgiven 65-1 X Zeus 1/29/12  Dam produced several Breed Champions in 2011

Litter 8      Spot      Dirty Harry X Chaos            1/29/12 Dam is full Sib to Rs Supreme Gilt @ State Fair

                                                                                               Texas in 2010

Sires Used.

Triple B - Razzmatazz, Flash Drive, Stellar, Double Ott

Upper Hand Genetics - Transformer

Stephens Farm  -  Forgiven 65-2

Western Plains Genetics - Smoke